The Marrakech Diaries

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The Marrakech Diaries

Marrakech is like a whole other world, the days move at a different pace, and each one is filled with moments of pure relaxation and then pure excitement. It is a city of opposites. The busy streets of the old town Medina, filled with mopeds, cats and everything in-between.  

This post is going to be a little diary of my time spent exploring the red city. From little tips of what to do, style advice and much more. So grab a cup of tea and sit back and let me transport you to the busy streets of Marrakech.

Day 1

Arriving late at night, everything was a blur. The city was dark but still so full of life. On the first morning when leaving our riad, the blazing sun and the red walls of the city came as a beautiful welcome to our time spent in the city. We stayed in the Old Town, nestled in one of the streets of the Medina. Our Riad was called Riad Sapphire, and it really was a jewel. You will find that entering any building in Marrakech you are instantly transported away from the loud and sometimes intimidating streets, into peace and harmony. So don't be afraid to book a traditional riad in the Old City, thinking it will be too hectic, as once you entered the walls of the riad, you will be enveloped in silence.

Day 3

We spent our first days exploring the city and experimenting with the local food. Morrocan food is rich, with an amazing mix of sweet and savoury. Expect to find your tagines with pieces of apricot, date and prunes, nestled in amongst the other items. Expect to drink alot of mint tea as you are traveling around, the refreshing tea, served hot or iced is perfect for when you just need a moment to relax. 

Marrakech has so many things to visit and experience. It really is a city where everywhere you look the is beauty. Some great places to visit are the Yves Saint Laurent Museum and Majorelle Garden. I also loved visiting the Atlas Mountains which are about an hour outside the city walls. 

Le Jardin Secret is also a real gem, nestled in the heart of the Medina it really is an oasis of beauty and nature. The Souks and Spice Market are also interesting to visit, but if you're like me and are not a huge fan of being almost forced to buy items you don't really need, it can be more stressful than it needs to be. 

Finally Bahia Palace is absolutely stunning, an intricately tiled floor covers the whole palace and it really is an interior of dreams.  

Day 5

As the diary draws to an end, I thought I would mention about dressing and skincare, as we all know this is just as important when we travel. In Morroco they worship Islam and this means women have to dress modestly. I honestly loved this opportunity to try out new styles I might not of thought about to try back in the UK. My faveoutire thing to wear was my Mango jumpsuit, the first every jumpsuit I have bought and now I am totally in love with them. They are so chic and elevate your look with just a single piece! I loved to pair it with the Nadia Hoops from our latest collection. They added a classic yet still chic look to the outfit. Heres some photos of them in action below.

The Marrakech Collection honestly fitted in perfect with all my looks. Simple and chic, and incorporating the warmth of the city, they really do justice to this magical place.


For skin care, I decided to try out Drunk Elephant. The brand has such a good reputation in the U.S. and since they have recently just launched in the UK, I decided to try them. The products are more expensive than what I would normally buy, and as I was traveling I decided to get the Minis set. This allows me to try everything and not commit to the price tag.

Sorry to disappoint all lovers of Drunk Elephant and one of my favourite influencers Matilda Djerf (She absolutely loves them) but I didn't particular like any product more than my usual, the cleanser left my skin feeling a bit dry, unlike my beloved Glossier Milky Cleanser, and the moisturisers were nothing special. I usually use French pharmacy products for my skincare and I don't think this American brand is going to change that.

Day 7

A day spent traveling and heading back to my beloved Etta Studio. I spent the plane ride editing photos from Morocco and choosing names which I thought represented the collections pieces perfectly. I wanted to use traditional and modern Morrocan names for the jewels to represent the classic yet contemporary look of the pieces. 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you loved sharing and following this experience with me. No trips are yet planned for the future, but I'm sure I will decide on a place soon.

Till next time,

Holly x