The French Rivera Diaries

A few days ago I got back from traveling around The French Rivera, which if you follow me on Instagram I am sure you are well aware from the amount of pictures I posted (I am sorry).

I spent ten days lounging in the sun in Cannes and Nice, checking out the local vintage market and eating sooo much food.
Here is a little travel diary if anyone is interested in going to live their French ‘It’ girl dream, plus I will include some tips for anyone wanting to do a bit of vintage shopping while they’re there.

Day 1 

I arrived in Cannes mid afternoon, after unpacking in our old Italia styled 1930’s Airbnb, we instantly went out to see what was happening. The main shopping street is busy, but filled with good shops included Zara, Mango and two Sephora's. The beach is right next door and filled with private and public beaches to suit all budgets. The beach front is also the home to every designer brand you can imagine. I spied my one true love (Celine) sitting pretty along with Prada and Armani.

Day 3 

Waking up this morning I decided to wear a couple of pieces from the new Etta collection La Lueur (Going live next Friday) as they fit perfectly with the outfit I was planning on wearing to the beach, and to a meal afterwards. I would describe them as the perfect combination of minimalist and chic-ness, but you’ll find more about them later.

That night we ate at one of Cannes Michelin star restaurants as I am a bit of a foodie (I know, I cringed as well). The restaurant only serve one 3 course meal, which is a surprise meal the chef created from local produce. It was amazing, and I even got a few compliments on the necklace to top the night off.


  Day 7

After the first week or so being in Cannes, we then moved on to Nice. Nice is more of a city compared to Cannes and is a lot busier too. The old town is beautiful with little winding streets and so many places to eat. I checked out a creperies which was recommended by one of the Etta dream girls and it was amazing.

Day 9

On this day I knew it was time to vintage shop, I woke up and was ready to search piles of random stuff to find the jewels beneath. I won’t go into too much detail as there is a pretty little IGTV video on the shopping, but I found some amazing jewels, such as the Celeste Pendant which went live on the website on Friday.
So many of you angels ask about vintage shopping tips, especially for jewellery, so I thought I would share some.
  1. Always ask the seller about the item, they should know their stock so should have a good idea about the quality.
  2. Feel and listen. Sounds strange but you can 100% feel the difference between gold plating and gold toned tin, its all in the sound and weight.
  3. Judge on the price. If the price is high, usually it means better the quality of jewel you are buying. But be careful, many sellers, especially in touristy places such as Nice will try to swindle you, as they think you don’t know your stuff. So always be ready to haggle and challenge them if you don’t think the price is right. 

Home time

Traveling home with my trusty Etta box (so handy for storing things btw) I got back into the office on Thursday. I had such a lovely time in the French Rivera and would go back. If you’re wondering where my next trip will take me you have to wait no longer. Soon I will be jetting off to Morocco! I’m a little nervous but so much more exciting, I can’t wait to see what I find there!

Until next time,

Holly xxxxx 

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